The Tolv Lampshade is a metal lampshade, the product of a module carried out in my masters degree at Nottingham Trent University. It consists of 12 blades or leaves that are bent and surround the bulb. The project was an experimentation in both form and function. It began with an exploration in thermochromic inks. The aim was to have a lampshade that would change over time or show a transition within the design. This involved looking at many forms and materials. Metal was chosen for its heat transfer properties. Additionally, the end design was aesthetically pleasing enough that it stands on its own without needing the thermochromic effect as well. Thus, a number of versions would be possible, in polished aluminium, brass and copper in addition to the thermochromic version.


Professional photographs of the finished product are to be produced at some point and we aim to show the product at final exhibition in October.



  • Design Project - Homeware
  • Materials Aluminium, Copper, Brass
  • Intended Market High end homes, commercial
  • Software used: 3ds max, Vray, Solidworks