This was a project which aimed at taking a product which is traditionally made of metal and apply the use of polymers instead, with the aim to improve the product in some way. It was a group project at my masters at Nottingham Trent University. We chose to look at wheelchairs, with the aim to use polymers to improve the weight and comfort whilst making a much more customisable and modular wheelchair.

The result was wheelchair design that would weigh potential 2/3 the weight of a standard metal one and that would be made for injection moulding. Being made of parts that would be easy to replace, it would be easy for maintenance of the chairs. It would also allow less labour as the parts require no hard assembly, no welding etc..

This was the first iteration of the design and is waiting to be tested further at full scale, to be optimised. We believe that with further iterations the weight could be brought down even more as strength is optimised.

  • Project Polymer wheelchair
  • Criteria Modularity, Ease of repair, Design for injection moulding
  • Features Customisable seating, increased comfort
  • Software used: Solidworks