Moving to a E3D all metal Hot end

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E3D V-6 Hot end

Knowing that I needed to print nylon meant I needed a hot end that could handle temperatures up to 300 degrees realistically. Any hot end that features PTFE all the way into the hot zone is generally limited to around 240-245 and I didnt want to be limited during my experimentation with nylon, as that is borderline for printing well with the material. E3D hot ends are produced in the UK and are quite well engineered.



As seen above, the E3D hot end features a PTFE tube that goes all the way to the start of the hot zone, meaning filament is delivered accurately, whilst enabling the hot end to print at temperatures up to 300 or above with a different thermistor set up. In comparison the ubis hot end I have been using up until now, it required a fan to be running on the heatsink part (the cold zone) and this must be running all the time.



I printed a revised extrude body mount and then assembled this with the new hot end. Learning from mistakes in the past, I made I designed it so the hot end secured very tightly. I had a concern there would not be enough air flow for the fan over the heatsink but this seems to not be the case.



One of the first prints I did with the new hot end was a test part for my major project, and it printed excellent, in fact one of my smoothest prints ever, from layer to layer. The natural PLA IĀ used produces a very beautiful infill pattern visible through the part. The next step was to begin preparing for Nylon printing.


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