Major Project update

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Progress Update

Testing is going well on the structures.



My next step is to get enough bigger ones printed, to test sitting on it, for comfort testing. I am currently printing these at the moment. Now that I have a bigger nozzle, I can produce bigger ones in a suitable timeframe. I just need to ensure I have enough material to keep printing. I also need to optimise the amount of material I need in the structure. One consideration also has to be that the spools come in 450g so parts need to be within this amount when printing, unless I were to connect filament somehow, that larger printing will be possible. At the moment, a 200x200x140mm piece will roughly be 260g. It makes it a little annoying that it may not be possible to fit 2 of these in one spool. The gram weight would have to be around 210g for that to be sure to print ok.


In addition to this I have been working in rhino to work on a design for a stool. The aim will be to print it from 8 pieces, but this render and file currently is built as one. I want to be able to at least construct a soft stool by the end, with an armchair being the extended possibility if I have time.




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