The Interview

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Featured image source:   Interviews are a commonly used research method and create in depth or knowledge seeking discussions. The data is qualitative and often very subjective, as largely you are gathering someone’s opinion about an issue. The lecture we … Continued

The Questionnaire

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Featured image source:   “The questionnaire is the main instrument for collecting data in survey research. Basically, it is a set of standardized questions, often called items, which follow a fixed scheme in order to collect individual data about one … Continued

Memories and Emotional Attachment

Memories and Emotional Attachment (Featured image source: I have started thinking about Memories in relation to emotional attachment. I know for my position paper I am focusing on the importance of customisation, to provide emotional attachment but I feel it … Continued

Using CES – Material selection

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  Featured image source: For our materials project, it would be important to understand the properties of materials better. So we were introduced to the CES application. This includes a lot of information into different materials and allows for effective … Continued

Electronics and Soldering

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Soldering and Electronics 101 As part of Design Tools, we took a refresher on soldering and circuits. The task was to create simple circuits, consisting of LED’s, diodes and resistors. In one, we used an LDR, a light dependant resistor, … Continued

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