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3D Eez, a product I read about on Richraps blog, the post here, is a coating you apply to your bed that works well at getting prints to stick. Traditionally I used extra strong hairspray which would work well for most PLA prints I did, although I still did encounter the occasional bit of warping with PLA. 3D Eez aims to be a cure for all bed adhesion problems.



Well it is easy to apply, it recommends you put on 3 coats, each at 90 degree angles to each other. The only thing I will say is that it takes quite a long time to cure/dry if you leave it at room temperature so it is quicker to stick it back on your heated bed and fire the temperature up a little. Once all 3 layers are on you have a nice orange bed.

What I would say is that 3D Eez is very good, almost too good. I found that using my existing settings for hairspray, sometimes prints, especially with large surface bases, would stick too well. They would be impossible to get off and one time during testing I had to scrape the 3D Eez off. Now, I altered my settings and raised the height at which the first layer is printed and it works well. It just has to be higher than I would use it for hairspray. The layer is less squashed but sticks beautifully still. At this height, prints pop off well once the bed has cooled.

Rich in his blog noted that prints were easier to get off at around 28 degree than at room temp. In all honesty I did not find any difference when removing them between these temperatures. One other thing I will say is that I watched a video on 3D Eez’s website where they removed the film like material and pulled it off seamlessly. I did not have this experience when trying to remove it all from my bed. I had to wet it and basically run it under a tap and scrape it off. It is clearly stronger but I suppose this is not a bad thing, because under normal use once you’ve dialled in your settings, it works perfectly.

So, I will be using 3D Eez from now on, as im pretty sure its perfect to stick just about any material, in conjunction with a heated bed. With this I can begin to look at using nylon filament.

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  1. Hello Martyn,
    Thank you so much for this detailed and insightful review. It was by that same post by Richard Horne that we felt it necessary that this product should become more accessible to the UK and EU market, solving almost all of our 3D print related woes.
    Should you require anymore 3D-EEZ please don’t hesitate to get in touch.
    Thanks again and I’ll make sure to do some sharing.
    Kindest regards,
    Charlotte Downs

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